Unfortunately, many height-endowed women shy away from a classic stiletto pump or 4-inch strappy sandal. A single solid reason has yet to be determined outside of “I don’t want to be taller than I already am.” The question is why not? What’s so incredibly wrong with being the tallest woman in the room? Yes, a tall woman’s presence will demand the attention of others—so rock it! Refuse to omit shoes and apparel simply because it will make you stand out—and definitely not so that you could fit in or appear more acceptable.

Height is merely accentuated by the fashion that you choose to place on your feet. Be bold, courageous, and confident in yourself and your style. High heels emphasize curves by providing an extra lift in some areas, and can elongate a woman’s legs. There’s nothing wrong with a pair of fashionable flats or kitten heels as long as your purpose in sliding into them is because they work well with your attire, and not because of fear that someone would judge how tall you may appear. Never apologize for the height you were blessed to have. If you can’t escape it, embrace it, accentuate it, and be all the more confident.

 Remind yourself of who you’re dressing for—men, spectators, or yourself? So, how tall is too tall? To comment that “she is tall enough without heels” entails that women only wear high heels for added height, or even that there is a maximum acceptable height required to appear “normal,” and we all know that neither is true. Defy the norm! Make a statement with your shoes, and refuse to shy away from the added inches. Or, if you’re on the shorter side, don’t feel the need to put on a pair of 6-inch stilettos to appear taller simply because of what others may say or think. Learn to be confident in the skin you’re in, and more importantly, in the legs you strut.