So, you’re in the center of the mall in search of the perfect outfit for an evening out with friends. You eye a great pair of jeans and a cute off-the-shoulder top before walking through the shoe department. And there they are—a pair of eggplant colored pumps. Purple is your favorite color, so the richness of this item leads you immediately to check out, but not before passing a purse and belt the exact same color as the shoe. So, do you stop? Do you buy? What are the fashion rules to matching accessories and shoes?

Simply, there are none. Matching your handbag with your shoes or accessories has been a trend for ages, but there are many who have broken the mold and have opted for fashionable bags or belts that don’t match each other, or even the wearer’s attire for that matter. It’s all about personality. Feeling a bit daring? Pull out your powder blue clutch and slide into some red pumps and light-washed, ripped jeans. Fashion is about what suits your personality, or even your mood. Matching has its place, but it’s never a rule.

If you would like to have shoes and accessories that are a perfect match, that's easy to do. Knowing which colors complement each other is yet another way to express your own personal style. For instance, pairing red with black and white, or pairing browns, tans, and golds, are seen quite often in fashion. The more daring will opt for color blocking with accessories. Color blocking entails taking two colors that are neither identical nor complementary and pairing them together in one outfit.

So, in fashion, think less about which garments or accessories match each other, and more about what matches your personality, your mood, or is the best reflection of you and your style, and flaunt it!